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How to decorate the floor accordingly?

How to choose the decoration for the floor that is both beautiful, economical and convenient?

In addition to factors such as beautiful architecture, solid foundation, harmonious wall paint color, ... how the floor surface needs to be decorated to stand out is something that many people are often interested in. Because this is the surface that people use most often. So how to choose the way to decorate the floor that is both beautiful, economical and convenient? Let's find out with Royal Group in this article!

Use carpeting

The use of carpet as a highlight for the house is no stranger to us. With the advantage of reasonable price, easy to change carpets according to preferences or seasons, keeping warm and reducing noise, these are the products chosen by many people.

But besides that, floor mats also have some disadvantages that you need to consider. First of all, carpeting is very easy to get dirty and get dust, if we accidentally spill water or spill it on it then cleaning is a nightmare. You will have to invest in a carpet cleaning machine or take the effort to remove the carpet, then wash and dry, not to mention some carpets that need to be cleaned specifically.

Second, if not cleaned regularly, this is an environment for bacteria and fungi to live, harming the health of you and all members of the house.

And third, the lifespan of carpets with frequent use will not be high.

Therefore, if your family has small children or has pets such as dogs, cats, ... you should consider using a carpet and be careful during use.

Use simili floor lining

The advantage of using decal to decorate the floor is that this material is extremely cheap and the construction is quite simple. Choosing custom motifs will also be easier because there are many printed decals on the market that suit many different needs.

On the other hand, the big downside of this product does not bring luxury to the homeowner's space and the usage time is not high because of the fading and easy to tear, damage during use.

Use decorative floor tiles

Another popular way to beautify a space floor is to use decorative tiles. Overcoming the disadvantages of using carpet, you will be easier to clean and clean when using bricks, so when living on the floor, you will also have a more comfortable mentality.

In addition, decorative tiles also bring a luxurious and bright look to the space thanks to its shiny surface, and at the same time bring modern, fresh and cool features to the project.

The downside of decorative tiles is probably difficult to change if you want to refresh the space. But with the advantages that decorative tiles bring, along with a long use time, the selection of decorative tiles is a smart investment, one-time investment for forever.

And if after a while of hesitation and you decide to choose decorative bricks as a highlight, to blow your soul into your space, but you do not know much information about the brick models and their properties, then Royal Group has just launched. two samples of 80x80 Décor Enamel Polish will help you solve those questions.

Décor Ceramic Tile 80x80 is used exclusively to decorate the floor, with two tile patterns DÉCOR801 and DÉCOR802. Wearing two main color tones, Golden Gold will make your space warm and splendid like a magnificent palace and luxurious Silver brings a subtle, cool, minimalistic but no less magnificent look. . These two tiles will meet all your needs and decorative space that you want.

Advantages of 80x80 Polished Ceramic Decor Tile Set:

Belonging to the high-end ceramic bone tile product line with a solid texture, making the product highly durable and extremely waterproof, ensuring the strength of the background and avoiding peeling, mold appears during use. .

Thanks to the digital inkjet printing technology DTG, these two tiles have patterns with high definition, uniform color and color durability over time.

Along with the modern polishing technology brings a shiny appearance to each tile, your living space will become brighter and more luxurious. At the same time, it also brings the property of difficult to cling to dirt, easy to clean for this product line.

Both of these products have high applicability and are very suitable for spaces that need the elegance, sophistication in visual aesthetic, will be a perfect choice for your project.

The perspective of Decor801 brick pattern brings elegance and sophistication.

The perspective of the Decor802 tile pattern brings warmth and splendor.

Royal Group hopes that the above article will help you to have more information to choose the most convenient, beautiful and economical floor decoration option for you in the long term.

Royal Group.