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Return Policy

In order to ensure the interests of customers and improve the quality of after-sales service, Floor Depot - will assist you to change to a new product of the same type if the problem cannot be solved immediately (due to an error manufacturer's specifications). The detailed information is as follows:

I. Scope of application:

1. Subjects of application: Customers have purchased products at the showroom chain Floor Depot -

2. Application period: From 01/01/2014 until new notice.

II. Conditions apply:

1.The product is identified as having technical fault by the technicians of Floor Depot - or the manufacturer.

1. Time to return the goods: Products are exchanged within 7 days since delivery (applicable to all products).

2. Products received back must be intact crates, seals of wood-floor warehouses and export floors (not to be sold separately), accessories and promotions (if any) ...

3. The collected quantity must not exceed 20% of the delivered quantity. In case of such collection, it shall be collected at 50% of the original unit price.

4. The received product is not defective in appearance (warping, shrinking, rot, stretching, discoloration)

5. The product must have all accompanying documents when receiving back such as (purchase vouchers, VAT invoices, warranty cards, manuals, catalogs ...)

6. For products on the list of promotion or liquidation with the whole lot price, Wood Floor Warehouse does not accept exchange or payment in any way.

III. In case of not accepting exchange / payment:

1. Customers want to change types, models but without prior notice.

2. Product failure failure caused by improper operation of the customer.

3. The customer does not comply with the required regulations to enjoy the warranty and exchange (eg, do not send the warranty card to the right place within the specified time).

4. Customers do themselves to affect the outside of the product such as tearing, packaging, scratches, scratches, broken ...

5. The customer requests to return the goods because of scratches, scratches, distortions, stains, gold ... after being checked and handed over.

IV. The process of handling goods exchange / return procedures:

1. Customers directly contact Floor Depot Service Center -

2. After receiving a certificate of status with the content of goods damaged due to technical defects that cannot be repaired immediately, the exchange of goods will be made in accordance with the regulations of Floor Depot - and the manufacturer manufacturer or an authorized service center.

3. The process of handling goods exchange / return procedures will be practiced within 07 (seven) days from the day Floor Depot - receives all required information and documents from customers.

4. Please contact the Customer Care Department (028) 3620 9917 - 0909808806 for instructions on the return procedure.

Thank you very much!

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