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Artificial Quartz Stone: The perfect choice for the "Queen" in the kitchen

With outstanding features, Royal Artificial Quartz Stone is the perfect choice for the kitchen space of the "Queen".

For the woman, perhaps no position in the house was more important than the kitchen. Because at that place, they were allowed to ... "Queen", had the discretion to decide the nutritional menu, was shown the assurance and, moreover, showed their love and sincerity to all members of the family. family.

Also for those reasons, many people have given themselves the right to decide from the design, material selection stage to the purchase of all the items used in the kitchen space.

With outstanding features, Royal Artificial Quartz Stone is the perfect choice for the kitchen space of the "Queen".

Easy to clean: With a good housewife, a neat, clean kitchen always has endless inspiration and motivation to urge them into the kitchen. Using quartz artificial stone, cleaning and cleaning will become easier than ever because the product has a shiny surface, absolutely no pores, so it is easy to clean with clean water. "Stubborn" stains such as grease, food stains stains for a long time, tea, coffee stains ..., can be easily cleaned by combining with ordinary detergents.

Absolutely safe: In addition to deliciously processed meals, the ingredients and processed materials must also be safe. With Royal artificial quartz stone, the housewives are completely assured by the raw materials to make the finished product imported from prestigious countries such as Germany, India, Taiwan ... and a part of Vietnam. These ingredients are passed a rigorous inspection and screening process to ensure they are not contaminated with radioactive substances, affecting the health of consumers. Products have been certified in accordance with international standards EN 14618: 2009 and Vietnamese standards QCVN 16: 2014; certified by the NSF - Center for Cooperation on Food and Drinking Safety of the World Health Organization (WHO) to certify that the product is safe for all types of food. In addition, the Royal artificial stone production line is also ISO 14001: 2015 certified on an environmental management system assessed by the British Standards Institute (BSI).

- Withstand high impact force: During cooking, it is inevitable that some items fall apart. With perfect hardness, good flexural strength, artificial quartz stone is a top choice to minimize the impact from falling objects from above.

- Not being abrasioned, affected by chemicals: The product has been tested and confirmed by the Center for Technical Standards, Metrology and Quality 3 (General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality). Tested in civil chemical environment, low to high concentration of acid, salt and alkali. Therefore, the ingredients in fish sauce, vinegar, sugar salt ... are not "very sensitive" compared to the "hardness" of the stone.

- Good antibacterial: With water absorption only 0.03 according to international standards, Royal artificial quartz stone is one of the very few artificial stone products on the market with a "very standard" water absorption rate. This helps to minimize bacteria, dirt on the surface, which is a problem that housewives are concerned about because the kitchen is an extremely favorable location for bacteria to survive and multiply. Therefore, if you regularly clean each time cooking is finished, the kitchen will be free of bacteria, providing absolute health protection for your family members.

Not only that, with diverse colors, rich sizes, artificial quartz stone of the Royal Group will make your kitchen space become extremely luxurious, bold and stylish. multiply in that space.

Excerpted from Royal Group