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Payment policy

To facilitate your shopping at Floor Depot - we support customers with the following order and payment methods:

1. Cash payment for delivery

For customers in Ho Chi Minh City area: After customers place an order at Floor Depot -, based on the information you provide, Floor Depot - will process your order, check the information. believe and carry out delivery and installation for customers. You can pay at the store or at home when you receive the goods as required. In case you want to buy gifts from friends or relatives, you will pay in advance with us at: Floor Depot System

For customers outside the province: Payment 100% of the value of goods in advance + shipping fee by bank transfer, or via garage, post, bank ...

2. Bank transfer

- If the delivery location is different from the place of payment (in case you send gifts, send goods to friends, partners ...) Floor Depot will charge 100% of the value of the goods + shipping fee according to the charge. in shipping policy by transfer method before shipment.

- For payment via bank, please transfer money to Floor Depot's account:

Bank account information please contact: 0935688018

- After receiving the notice of receiving money from the bank, we will process the order at the request of the customer.

3. MPOS installment payment method


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